Super Plush Microfiber Cloths 12 pk

Blue 16" X 16" Microfiber, Terry Style Wiping towels If you want Plush and Absorbent, this is it. Sold by the dozen, only. Absorbent, Lint-Free Microfiber Terry Towel New technology microfiber terry towels Perfect for detailing, cleaning smudges, dust, oil, grease and dirt from any surface For your boat, rv, car, truck, home or office Finish cleaning the dirt and lint that thinner towels leave behind Easy cleaning: Works well with application of cleaners, protective polishes and waxes Cleans upholstery and furniture effectively and wipes up spills before stains set-in Cost effective: Can be washed and reused hundreds of times Commercial grade: won't leave behind streaks, swirls and lint Safe for all surfaces All Sales Taxable.
Updated 15-Oct-2018