Reclaimed Hospital Absorbent Incontinence Pads$17(Warren, MI)

Clean, and washed hospital incontinence bed pads. These recycled and reusable pads are a great absorbent. Perfect for home and shop use, and work great for pets and animal groomers. They work wonderfully for pet training and pet crate liners. Put in your garage under your rain and snow gear storage and keep the water contained. Great for gardening. Comfortable to kneel on, and keeps your knees clean and dry. Use in your home shop for catching oil and grease under machine tools with slow leaks. Perfect for the DIY mechanic. Put under your oil drain pan to catch any splatter, or put down before you lay under the car to keep your back dry and cushioned. Just the thing for commercial / industrial window cleaners to put down in your work area and keep the floors dry. Pads are mixed styles, approximately 30" x 32" and weigh 1 to 1.5 lbs each. 3 Pads for $17 6 Pads for $30 12 Pads for $50 24 Pads for $70 48 Pads for $100 We also have larger pads in mixed styles, approximately 32" x 40" and weigh 1.5 to 1.75 lbs each. 3 Pads for $22 6 Pads for $38 12 Pads for $63 24 Pads for $88 48 Pads for $125 They may have a small mark or stain, but were cleaned and sanitized in a commercial laundry. We do not sell damaged pads with large stains, holes or tears. --C-Grade pads are also available for $1.00 each. Multiple size and styles. Still usable, but with more ware or minor damage than pads listed above.-- Perfect "parts mat" for commercial or residential installers. Lay out wet, dirty, or oily parts without damaging floors and carpets.