16x16 Plush White Microfiber Detailing Towel 300 g/m2$400(Warren, MI)

Case of 200 16 x 16 Plush White Microfiber Towel 300 g/m2 Plush Microfiber Detailing Towel 300 g/m2 16 x 16 White with Red satin edging These Sell for $8.00 Each on Car Detailing Websites!!!!! Lint-free, streak-free, non-abrasive Rewashable and reusable Soft, Ultra absorbent Great size for those big jobs Perfect for washing/drying Autos, Boats, Planes, Motorcycles, and Etc. Also the perfect Work-Out Towel Great for use in: Resturants Car Washes Body Shops Window Cleaners Optical Labs Janitorial Industrial Clean Rooms Bowling Alleys Marinas Gyms and Spas